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Native New Day Bible Studies

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Back To The Land Healing
Herbal treatments, with diet, water, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, rest, and trust

Native Dialect Music
Songs in various tribal dialects across N. America

The miracle of life trying to survive in a declining environment

Native Spotlight Music
Top artists featured by name from every tribe

Native History
The compelling narrative of Indigenous people since the white man arrived

Native Traditional Music
Soothing sounds from flute and drum

Native Testimonies
Stories of victorious living are shared

Native New Health
Ed Dunn and Gina Gibauche cover healing body, mind & spirit

6 P.M. Children’s Hour
Instant worship in storytelling and song

8 A.M. & 8 P.M. Closing Scenes of Christ’s Life
A thoughtful hour, heard twice daily

Helpful and insightful in dealing with life issues